Author: William Barry Finn

Tooth Abscess. Don't wait until it's too late. Grab a scheduled visit to a Dentist if you have a painful tooth that spreads to your Jaw. Your Dental health is important. Avoid heavy Sugars and Amalgam filling. These types of practices/elements are now known to have detriment to actual dental health. Pain in the Jaw resulting from a bacterial manifestation can be deadly. The Bacterial infection can pass the blood brain barrier and cause an abscess. Bacterial Meningitis, a specific type of infection, can cause cell damage and must be addressed promptly. Three symptoms to look for include metal impairment in vision or hearing, fever, and headache. Anti-biotic such as Amoxicillin are used to cause bacterial cell wall death. It is not unusual for swelling to occur when the Anti-biotic initially begins to work. This swelling can occur in the neck in the brain stem causing a persons neck to stiffen and impair forward movement. A bad pain in your teeth may be your last. Call your dentist sooner than later with tooth pain. This was written entirely from memory from readings the night before 1/6/2016. Which is today at 9:22pm Eastern. (And yes I had an infection this past weekend.I did wait later than sooner. However it was addressed and anti-biotic administered.)

On the heath a little flower blooms and it's called: Erika. Hot from a hundred thousand little bees that swarm over Erika because her heart is full of sweetness, her flowery dress gives off a delicate scent. On the heath a little flower blooms and it's called: Erika.
Back home lives a little blonde girl and she's called: Erika. This girl is my faithful little darling and my happiness, Erika. When the flower on the heath blooms red-lilac, I sing her this song in greeting. On the heath a little flower blooms and it's called: Erika.
Another little flower blooms in my small room and it's called: Erika. Already in the first rays of the morning, as well as at dusk, it looks at me, Erika. And then it seems to me it speaks aloud: "Are you also thinking of your little bride?" Back home a little girl weeps for you and she's called Erika.